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Welcome to Eminenté, Suburbia’s Newest Landmark. A premium, one-of-its-kind residential project situated conveniently on the Western Express Highway. With magnificent views and a brilliant location, Eminenté is a quiet haven of serenity, with a lifestyle that is just as comfortable.


A look outside reminds you that you’ve arrived. Enjoy magnificent hill views of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Gorai Hills and the City.

  • Walking distance from Dahisar and Borivali station
  • On Western Express Highway
  • Ruthah Ted Double Top Ruffle Baker qw5wOvZ
  • 2 min* from upcoming Metro Station
  • 5 min* from Jain Temple
  • Close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Proximity to Hospitals, Shopping Avenues, Recreational Hotspots
Subject to Traffic Conditions*

MahaRERA Registration No. P51800005475 available at website: Sweatshirt Watercolor Print Crop Crop Print Slogan Watercolor Sweatshirt Slogan Watercolor Slogan 6vdqw

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